Tiny Ballerina (30mins)

Ballet Class for 3-4 year old
This class teaches young dancers the basic techniques of ballet in a fun, engaging way allowing them to learn while expressing their creativity. Classes incorporate classical ballet music as well as upbeat pop music.

Tiny Tappers (20mins)

Dance Classes for 3-4year old
This class focuses on teaching little ones to understand rhythm and meter in music, as well as how to follow along and dance to a beat.

Classical Ballet (1 hour)

Ballet Classes for primary through to older ages
Ballet is the fundamental class of all dance. In this class your child will be taught each classical step and the terminology that goes with these steps. They will be taught how to be disciplined whilst working on their posture and flexibility in an encouraging and creative way.

Jazz Dance

Dance lessons for primary students through to older ages
This class teaches the techniques involved in jazz dancing with the aim to build strength & balance, as well as using rhythmic exercises and other fun drills to teach your child how to memorize movements more effectively.

Contemporary Dance (45mins)

Classes for primary through to older ages
This class encourages your child to be expressive and effectively display emotion through the use of dance. Dancing classes involve lyrical expression where students will be taught to dance to the lyrics of a song, as well as incorporating advanced floor work and improvisational skills.

Tap Dance Classes

Classes for primary through to older ages
Tap Dance training assists in muscular development in the leg and ankle while teaching children how to understand rhythms and patterns in music. Tap dancing helps with the development of internal rhythm and coordination.

Hip Hop (45 mins)

Primary through to older ages
This style is rapidly rising in popularity! In this class, students will be taught to "isolate, pop and lock" through their movements to the beat of the music.

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