Computer Classes

Our Computer classes are branched out to 2 different ways. Both would be for beginner level.


VCE Computing: Informatics

The unit focuses on how data, information and information systems correlate with each other. No coding will be involved and it mainly tests students to justify their argument when given a problem of a situations in exams, though students might need to be in touch with Microsoft Access application while learning relational databases.

As for the approach, the teacher will teach students the key concepts they need to know within the subject and how to justify their answers in exams.

VCE Computing: Software Development

As for the programming language to be taught, Python since it's one of the newer programming language currently and it's easy to learn it. The basics of coding concepts, such as creating variables, if statements, loops, arrays, classes etc would be taught, though it would be recommended if students have their own computer device to work on.

As for approach, the teacher will teach students the concepts first, give them examples and explain from there.

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