Body Percussion Classes

In our body percussion classes, your body is the instrument! Utilise your own body to produce a range of different sounds you never thought possible. Besides from being able to produce amazing groovy beats with your own body, it’s a fantastic workout!

What's in it for you?

  • Learn to create different sounds and rhythms using only your body
  • Understand the basic concepts of rhythm and groove
  • Forget about the daily grind while you're fully immersed in a world of groove and rhythm
  • An awesome workout as you're essentially using almost every part of your body
  • Discover the tools to create your own grooves and unleash your inner creative energy
  • Create music and beats with other people
  • Total freedom of your rhythmic body and mind
  • Meet new friends and learn to groove together
  • Did we mention fun?

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Get 10% discount for the first class booked.
Vaild till 31 December 2018