Visual Arts and Crafts Classes

Art classes are conducted by actively participating local artists in the community. The artistic learning process revolves around the use of vivid colours, perspective and other elements. The classes focus on developing various forms of art such as still life, surrealism, landscape and many more.

Our goal is to teach students the essentials behind the creation of art, artistic techniques as well as material usage to ensure that students have the ability to develop and create their own vision for their art.

We feature fun and engaging art classes in a supporting environment utilising step-by-step instruction for students to help them learn at their own pace.

Students will be able to work with a variety of mediums such as sculpture, painting and film-making.


Beginner and Intermediate Classes

Students will learn:

  • How to draw basic geometric structures and other fundamentals in drawing
  • Artistic composition
  • Colour Theory
  • Design elements and principles
  • Art terminology
  • Art techniques
  • Folio development
  • Development of final art project works

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How our teachers approach Arts and Crafts classes:

  •  Art lessons focused on creating a specific art of craft product, such as
    • Small toys or decorations for play or display
    • Holiday-themed decorations or festive items
    • Religious or spiritual symbols or icons in physical form
    • Derivatives or fan works of popular culture items or characters
    • Non-specific creative works where you can let your imagination run wild!

  •  Lessons on exploring particular art forms, exercises or painting processes such as:
    • Still life paintings: The process of creating artwork depicting mostly inanimate subject matter.
    • Collages: using pictures, magazines or other materials to create new artworks of new objects, landscapes or self-portraits
    • Block-printing t-shirts: Students design and plan their own images to print onto wearable apparel
    • Contour drawing with markers and colourful pencils: exploration with different types of drawing implements

  •  Designing of larger group projects
    • Dioramas featuring large landscapes with animals or other features
    • Construction of piñatas and other party objects

  •  "Free Art Days" – Teachers participate in a number of things with students such as:
    • Experimentation with a wide variety of art materials such as glitter, glue, cuttings, paint and other materials
    • Finishing off previously started works that students didn’t get the chance to complete
    • Student to bring in new projects that don’t fit into any other category but spark interest in the student
    • Help with creative homework projects or similar tasks that they want help with

  •  The structure of each lesson is generally consistent: Teachers will prepare lesson outlines and outcomes for each class, provide the materials and then instruct the class on how to fulfil those goals

  •  Teachers will bring examples to the learning centre to demonstrate the sorts of works the class will aim to create. Individual instruction and help will be given to each student and if they have any problems, students will be attended to personally in order to make sure every student is learning and developing adequately.

  •  In terms of the outcomes of each lesson:
    • Students are able to create artworks in the lessons and bring them home to show their family
    • Students have the option to leave them at the studio if they so choose
    • Students also have the choice to experiment with different mediums with no specific goal in mind
    • Ultimately, we encourage students to try new things and work to create a fantastic work of their own vision.

  •  Teachers will record and catalogue each activity as stipulated by the director of the centre. These records will contain all the goals, procedures and outcomes of the classes and will include examples of some of the unclaimed pieces of student artwork. These works will be kept in folder for future reference for new students and teachers to look at for their own convenience.